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The Green Beanery

an organic coffee stand

organic, fair trade, and ecofriendly

Want to be a green bean?  Read further!

Recycled: As a green bean, you know that reusing and recycling are the number one ways to live a sustainable lifestyle! The Green Beanery embraces this concept, starting with the recycled nature of our building. The drive thru coffee stand in which the Green Beanery operates was set to be

demolished. We bought it, sliced it out of the ground, and moved it to it Bridle Trails! We remodeled the stand using many leftover materials from previous constructions. The Green Beanery will not pass up on any opportunity to recycle.

Organic, really:
Most “organic” coffee stands only have organic coffee beans. At the Green Beanery, our coffees, milks, creams, chocolates, house-made pastries, almost all of our syrups, AND MORE are exclusively USDA organic.
Our chocolate sauces (for mochas and white mochas) are also fair trade certified! Try our white chocolate sauce - it's a one of a kind organic and fair trade house-made sauce.
Our coffee beans are from Grounds for Change, the best. Not only 100% USDA organic -
they are also shade grown, Fair Trade certified (TransFair USA), and certified 100% CarbonFree ( 
Our cow milk comes from Fresh Breeze Organic Farm in Lynden. We like them because they are organic (duh), mostly grass fed, and nice to their cows. Calves are raised on the farm as long as possible, and male calves are never sold for veal. Plus, Fresh Breeze vat pasteurizes, the most gentle form, maintaining the most healthy proteins in the milk.
We buy locally as often as possible!
And now, the Green Beanery is 100% wind powered through Arcadia!

Compostable: Please put your hot cups, hot lids, cold cups, cold lids, and clear straws in your food and yard waste bin. We have one at the stand if you don't at home. And Re-use your coffee sleeves!

We encourage you to try our Café Feminino drip coffee, grown by a group of woman coffee growers fighting for equal rights. For more information go to


We are committed to producing your perfect cup of coffee. We expect all of our baristas to be coffee experts and to provide you with your perfect beverage. Every green bean should leave satisfied and smiling!


Love our beans? We offer whole and ground beans for sale.


*website last updated: 12/7/2015
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